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Introducing the General Counsel Program

At our firm, we understand that startups have unique legal needs that require specialized expertise. That's why we offer a comprehensive general counsel program designed specifically to serve startups. Our experienced attorneys can provide your business with the ongoing legal support and guidance you need to navigate the complex legal landscape of the startup world.

From drafting and negotiating contracts to providing strategic advice on business formation and intellectual property matters, we can help ensure that your startup is positioned for success. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals, and we provide tailored solutions to help them achieve their objectives while minimizing risk.

With our General Counsel Program, you can have peace of mind knowing that your legal needs are being met by experienced professionals who understand the startup world.



Program Features

We offer features designed to provide you a comprehensive, responsive, and customizable coverage for your businesses' legal needs.

Unlimited Advisory Consultation

The monthly subscription gives you access to unlimited advisory consultation throughout your membership.

Document Review

Up to 10 pages per contract, our contract review service ensures that all written agreements are analyzed for fairness, legal enforceability, and thoroughness.

Counsel Time Credit

As a Member, you will receive a 60-minute counsel time each month. The credit can be used for anything outside Covered Services, such as additional legal tasks, drafting, redlining, or revising contracts, preparing corporate documents, negotiating contracts on your behalf, and more.

Reduced Rates

Members get to enjoy our preferred hourly rate (a percentage of discount to our standard hourly rate) or upfront flat rate for additional legal work required and outside the Covered Services.

Access to Membership Portal

We power our delivery of legal services through our Member Portal, allowing you more control over:

  • Schedule meetings with your attorney
  • Put in requests for legal tasks, upload documents (such as contracts) for legal review
  • Manage your subscription plan and billings
  • Communicate directly with your dedicated attorney for legal matters.



Frequently Asked Questions

What does membership in the General Counsel Program include?

You'll receive comprehensive business support coverage to ensure you're never left to navigate a legal issue alone.

  • Unlimited Advisory Consultation on new matters.
  • Review 2 documents, up to 10 pages, including minor edits and comments.
  • 60 minutes of Counsel Time credit, applicable towards any of our flat- or hourly-rate services.
  • Preferred hourly rates for any additional legal work for which we bill hourly.

What kind of legal work does the General Counsel Program cover? Can you give me some examples of past projects?

Our General Counsel Program is designed to serve each member's particular legal needs and business goals.  As your general counsel, we provide members a full suite of business legal services including, among other things:

  • Consultation on general legal and compliance matters, including new and existing laws
  • Contract review, drafting, and negotiation
  • Policy development and deployment
  • Consultation on employment matters
  • Outside legal counsel management
  • Consultation on corporate governance matters, including but not limited to:
  • Preparation of corporate governance documents and preserving corporate records
  • Advise on board structure, corporate documents provisions, roles of corporate committees, as well as on officers' and directors' fiduciary duties and potential liabilities
  • Participation in board, members, and partnership meetings
  • Risk identification and assessment
  • Review of demand letters, and letters of claims and respond to the same*
  • Review of litigation-related papers, including but not limited to the summons, complaints, subpoenas, notices of deposition, and discovery requests

What does Monthly Contract Review entail?

Our experienced commercial counsel provides review and simple comments for two 10-page documents for each billing cycle. After each review, Members can schedule a 30-minute feedback session with Counsel to discuss the contract terms and address any questions or potential edits.

What's covered by the Unlimited Advisory Consultation?

Unlimited Advisory Consultation time for Members means you can rest assured that you're receiving a complete response to your questions and concerns.

How does the 60-minute Counsel Time credit work?

The 60-minute Counsel Time credit can be used towards any additional legal work outside the scope of the General Counsel Program. For example, a Member might use the credit for additional rounds of revision for contract terms, drafting demand letters, preparing board resolutions – whatever you need!

What if I need additional services beyond the General Counsel Program?

For legal services outside the scope of the Covered Benefits, we typically will provide you an upfront quote of a flat rate or reduced hourly rate for the additional legal services.

Which jurisdictions does the General Counsel Membership Program cover?

We currently serve businesses in California, New York, and Massachusetts. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates when we expand our service areas to your states.

What if I need to cancel my subscription to the General Counsel Program?

Members can cancel subscription anytime easily via the dashboard of your Member Portal.

What happens to unused hours?

The Counsel Time credit will renew every month at the beginning of the billing cycle. Unused time from the previous cycle will not roll over.

What happens if I need representation before a court or tribunal? Can you assist?

In the event that you find yourself in need of representation, our Business Litigation team stands ready to assist you. We'll design a results-oriented strategy to protect you and your business, up to and including negotiating confidential settlement agreements.

What can I do in the Member Portal?

The Member Portal serves as your one-stop shop for all your General Counsel Program matters. In addition to booking appointments and messaging with your Counsel, you can:

  • Upload documents and request review
  • Ask urgent legal questions via a secured, private channel
  • Schedule tasks for your Counsel
  • Track progress on any ongoing legal work
  • Manage your subscription and billing

Does the General Counsel Program cover every area of law?

The intent of the General Counsel Program is to provide you with the legal support you need to conduct your business confident that you're compliant with any applicable laws or regulations. So, while we recognize that clients may sometimes have questions relating to adjacent areas of the law, we focus our services on corporate and commercial law.

How much is the General Counsel Program?

We recognize that every business is unique and will have specific needs. We also understand that you need predictable costs with no monthly surprises. We designed the General Counsel Program to operate on a flat-fee basis tailored to each client. To receive your estimate, contact us today.



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